About Us

The California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH) supports health promotion and access for American Indians living in cities throughout California. Established in 2006, CCUIH is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) statewide alliance of Urban Indian health organizations and substance abuse treatment facilities collectively referred to as UIHOs. By blending the leadership and experience of our consortium members with shared resource development, and by combining applied research with educational and policy advocacy efforts, CCUIH offers innovative strategies to support the health and wellness needs of the Urban Indian community in California.


CCUIH’s mission is to facilitate shared development resources for our members and to raise public awareness in order to support a health and wellness network that meets the needs of American Indians living in urban communities.


CCUIH envisions a future in which all American Indians living in urban areas gain access to quality, sustainable, and self-determined health and wellness services. We are building a legacy of healthy American Indian communities for generations to come.


Board of Directors

Sonya Tetnowski, President
CEO, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

Scott Black, Vice President
ED, American Indian Health & Services

Jerimy Billy, Treasurer
CEO, United American Indian Involvement

Britta Guerrero, Secretary
CEO, Sacramento Native American Health Center

Selina De La Pena, Director
ED, Fresno American Indian Health Project

Dona James, Interim
ED, San Diego American Indian Health Center

Martin Waukazoo, Director
CEO, Native American Health Center

Helen Waukazoo, Director
CEO, Friendship House Assoc. of American Indians

Daniel Tatum, Director
CEO, Bakersfield American Indian Health Project  

Ramona Valadez, Director
CEO, Native Directions Inc.


Department Contacts

Jyl Marden
Executive Director
(415) 345-1205

Virginia Hedrick
Director of Policy and Planning
(916) 621-3380

April McGill
Director of Community Partnerships and Programs
(415) 638-6154

Montana Weekes
Communications Coordinator
(415) 638-6154

Valentine Antony
Research and Evaluation Coordinator
(415) 638-6154

Our Members

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