Core Services

Community Health Organizing 

CCUIH leads collaborative, community health organizing efforts to increase access to and improve the quality of health care for Urban Indian communities. CCUIH’s strategies are focused on increasing capacity and improving organizational efficacy for our Urban Indian health network. We leverage UIHO clinic leadership, as well as grassroots community-guided efforts, to address policy needs and health care inequities for American Indians in California.

CCUIH meets quarterly with UIHO key staff, board members, collaborative partners, and community stakeholders. CCUIH’s quarterly meetings serve as a forum to collect, disseminate and discuss pressing Urban Indian issues, trends, and relevant changes in policy and legislation. Stakeholders are also able to participate in advance planning for Urban Indian health care providers and systems, as well as access to tools and resources needed for the short and long term vitality of UIHOs. CCUIH’s also hosts an annual California Urban Indian Health conference to offer innovative strategies and resources for the upcoming year.

Training and Technical Assistance

CCUIH provides facilitation of culturally appropriate training and technical assistance seminars for consortium members and systems partners. CCUIH currently offers interactive T/TA seminars on board development, strategic planning, advocacy approaches and strategies, ACA Implementation and American Indian Provisions. For additional details, please contact us here.

Public Education and Civic Engagement

CCUIH is dedicated to increasing visibility of Urban Indians, not only to bring knowledge of Urban Indian issues to the general public and policy decision-makers, but also to build a sense of belonging for Urban Indians through reflections of self and community in healthcare setting and online. We use our community driven media model to develop public awareness campaigns, which increases the visibility of Urban Indian issues by centering community perspective and solutions.

Public education is facilitated through the provision of cultural competency trainings, participation in public health and political forums, and through the development of American Indian centered media and marketing strategies.  CCUIH increases Urban Indian civic engagement by supporting grassroots policy advocacy initiatives, providing internships and fellowships for students, and by making policy information, analysis, position papers.

Policy Advocacy

CCUIH is a statewide resource on Urban Indian health information and related policy decisions. CCUIH monitors legislation and policy regarding local, state, and federal health care initiatives to ensure that Urban Indians are included in planning efforts to increase health care access and reduce health disparities of marginalized groups. CCUIH participates in Indian Consultation, and distributes policy briefs and position statements on relevant Urban Indian issues.

CCUIH also fosters collaboration and partnerships with regional community consortia, national, state, and local agencies, and other strategic partners including: the California Primary Care Association (CPCA), National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH), California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB), and the Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI).

Research Reports

CCUIH analyzes data from various reporting systems to produce research reports on the Urban Indian population, as well as clinic revenue and services.