Thank you for considering a tax-deductible, charitable gift to the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health to promote health care access and  wellness for American Indians living in cities throughout California. Your donation will support our community health organizing, public education, policy advocacy and research efforts for California Urban Indian health organizations.

General support is appreciated but, if you would like to donate to a specific program or project please enter one of the following into the donation form:

Traditions of Health: CCUIH is advancing the cultural revitalization efforts of our UIHO clinics and leading policy reform and sustainability planning for American Indian Traditional and cultural practices.

Red Women Rising: CCUIH supports culturally responsive domestic violence services for Urban Indians by increasing public awareness and enhancing collaborations between Urban Indian health organizations, domestic violence service providers and traditional healers.

ACA Implementation for American Indians:  CCUIH supports our members by staying informed, engaged, and active as state and federal agencies mobilize around implementation to ensure that protections for American Indians are not overlooked.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns: CCUIH develops community-driven media to help reduce stigma and discrimination against people seeking mental health services and promoting wellness and resiliency in our California Urban Indian communities.

Any size gift is generous and we are grateful for your help and support.

Our tax ID number is 204878959.

If you would prefer to send us a check, you can send it to 1016 Lincoln Ave, Suite 111, San Francisco, Ca. 94129.