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July 2014

CCUIH’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness Organizations

The California Consortium for Urban Indian Health provides planning resources, training and technical assistance to consortia members to support ongoing Emergency Preparedness Planning. CCUIH has developed a Guide to Emergency Preparedness Organizations to assist with these efforts. This guide identifies emergency/disaster preparedness and response organizations that are relevant to CCUIH’s member Urban Indian Health Organizations, including national, statewide, regional, and local organizations. This document may be a resource to our member clinics and individuals residing in their service areas.


    American Red Cross
    (800) 733-2767
    Provides emergency services and disaster relief

    Department of Homeland Security
    (202) 282-8000
    Runs the ready.gov emergency preparedness site, Posts the national threat advisory and other information

    FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
    (800) 621-3362
    Involved in preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation in the event of national disasters and emergencies
    Earthquake Safety for Kids
    Resource-based website

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response
    Provides many types of different trainings.

    National Weather Service
    Provides weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings.

    National Organization on Disability 
    Works to ensure that emergency preparedness planning includes people who are disabled

    Disaster Assistance
    Provides disaster survivors with information, support, services and a mechanism to access and apply for disaster assistance through collaborative, data-sharing effort

    Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    Regulates workplace health and safety standards.
    OSHA 3122 – 2004 Principal Emergency Response and Preparedness – Requirements and Guidelines
    (Required for clinics receiving IHS funding)

    Direct Relief
    (805) 964-4767
    Provides medical assistance to people who have been affected by disasters

    AreaVibes: Earthquake Safety Guide
    Provides earthquake tips and resources.



    California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
    (916) 845-8510
    Provides the latest information on wildfires and other disasters around the state

    California Health Alert Network
    Web-based information and communications system to distribute health alerts, dissemination of prevention guidelines, coordination of disease investigation efforts, preparedness planning, and other initiatives that strengthen state and local preparedness.

    Earthquake Country Alliance
    (213) 740-1560.
    Provides information and resources regarding earthquakes

    California Department of Public Health
    Disaster Planning Website

    California Preparedness Education Network
    (530) 229-3979 (Northern California)
    Provides no-cost emergency preparedness and response training to clinics, public health agencies and rural hospitals.

    Emergency Preparedness Resources for Native Americans
    (916) 440-7749 (Patricia Lavalas-Howe)
    Fosters collaborations between local, state, federal, and tribal/urban health care organizations for preparedness and response to disasters.

    Disaster Healthcare Volunteers
    Online registration for public health professionals to volunteer for disaster service

    California Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
    (916) 650-6959
    Facilitates cooperation, communication, and collaboration among nonprofits, community-based groups, government agents, and for-profit companies.

    Seismic Safety Commission
    (916) 263-5506
    Researches earthquakes, recommends policies and programs to reduce earthquake risk
    The Great California Shake Out


    General Bay Area

    American Red Cross Bay Area
    Offers free online training and on-site training.

    • Bay Area Reporting: (866) 272-2237
    • Follow Up: (415) 427-8010
    • Office: (415) 427-8000
    • Alameda: (510) 595-4441
    • Contra Costa: (925) 603-7413
    • Marin: (415) 721-2372
    • San Mateo: (650) 259-1765
    • Solano: (707) 438-7059

    Emergency preparedness site for San Francisco and the Bay Area, provides information on disaster preparedness kits as well as information on what to do in the event of specific emergencies (fire, earthquake, etc.)

    San Francisco

    City & County of San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
    (415) 558-3800 Emergency Communications
    (415) 487-5000 Emergency Services and Emergency Medical Services Agency
    Works with emergency responders, community partners and residents to engage in comprehensive disaster planning for the City and County of San Francisco

    San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster
    (415) 746-9099
    Connects nonprofit, faith-based and private organizations with the network and knowledge they need to continue providing critical services after a disaster

    San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency Response Team
    (415) 970-2022
    Free training program for individuals, neighborhood groups and community-based organizations in San Francisco

    East Bay

    Alameda County Emergency Preparedness
    Public Health
    Focuses on preparedness and response activities related to the health impact of any emergency in the county
    Public Safety
    (510) 208-5962
    Provides resources, trainings, collaborative activities
    Environmental Health
    (925) 803-7803
    Provides disaster preparedness information to the public regarding safe storage of emergency food and water supplies, safe disposal of sewage following a catastrophic event

    Alameda County Fire Department
    (925) 833-3473 ext. 1720 or (510) 632-3473 ext. 1720
    Offers a variety of trainings to provide community members

    Alameda County Public Health
    Emergency Preparedness
    (510) 208-5962
    Creates guides, plans and templates
    EMS Emergency Preparedness Response Team
    (510) 618-2031
    Works with 911 responders to ensure they are prepared to respond to disasters and emergencies.

    Alameda Health Consortium
    (510) 297–0230
    Assists member clinics to develop emergency prep plans

    Alameda County Emergency Managers Association
    (925) 803-7800
    Works with Operational Area and Coastal Region of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to maximize training opportunities and offer assistance where needed.

    Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD)
    (510) 451-3140
    Addresses the preparedness and response needs of service providers.

    Oakland Fire Department, Office of Emergency Services
    Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE)
    (510) 238-6351
    Free emergency preparedness and disaster response training program for individuals, neighborhood groups and community-based organizations in Oakland
    Learn, Lead, Lift
    (510) 238-2326
    Disaster justice pilot project (plans to expand to Fruitvale District)

    Oakland Medical Reserve Corps
    (510) 238-2985
    Enlists active and retired medical professionals and citizen volunteers to be deployed to support Emergency Management Systems.

    Santa Clara

    Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services
    (408) 808-7800
    Santa Clara County Emergency Alert System

    Santa Clara County Fire Department
    Provides free trainings for personal and community emergency preparedness

    San Jose Office of Emergency Services
    (408) 794-7055
    Coordinates government agency emergency planning and management

    American Red Cross Silicon Valley
    (877) 727-6771


    Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services
    (916) 874-4670
    Staffs the Operational Area Emergency Operations Center
    Sacramento Ready
    Provides preparedness, response, and recovery resources and service coordination.

    Sacramento County Public Health Emergency Preparedness
    (916) 875-5881

    Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps
    Engages medical professionals who want to donate their time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies and promote healthy living throughout the year

    Sacramento Fire Department:
    (916) 808-1300
    Community Emergency Response Team

    American Red Cross Capital Region Chapter
    (916) 993-7070

    Sacramento Regional Citizen Alert
    Mass Notification services for potential safety hazards via voice or text


    City of Fresno Emergency Response
    (559) 621-8000
    The city does not have a dedicated department for emergency planning and response.

    Fresno County Office of Emergency Services
    (559) 600-3357
    Coordinates planning, preparedness, response and recovery efforts for disasters occurring within the unincorporated area of the County

    American Red Cross Central Valley
    (559) 455-1000

    Hands On Sacramento Disaster and Emergency Services Programs
    (916) 447-7063
    Designated to manage and coordinate volunteer disaster response

    Community Emergency Response Team
    (559) 621-2328
    Trains community members in emergency preparedness

  • Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management
    Responsible for planning and coordination for the Santa Barbara Operational Area

    Public Health Department Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit
    Provides practical information on bioterrorism readiness and response for the general public and healthcare professionals

    City of Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Services
    (805) 564-5711

    SB County Fire Department – Community Emergency Response Team Program
    Provides training so that community members can assist others during a disaster

    American Red Cross Santa Barbara County
    (805) 687-1331

    (805) 765-1489
    Listos facilitates culturally appropriate Spanish language curriculum to educate and prepare Latino community members for emergencies or disasters.

    Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Santa Barbara County
    Fosters cooperation, communication, coordination, and collaboration (Membership-based)

    Community Awareness and Emergency Response
    (805) 690-6654
    Prepares for industrial accident, natural disaster, and utility mishaps involving hazardous materials (Membership-based)

  • San Diego County Office of Emergency Services
    (858) 565-3490
    Staffs the Operational Area Emergency Operations Center
    Ready San Diego
    Provides a wide variety of resources and trainings.
    San Diego County Emergency Site
    Provides updates, contact information for other agencies, link to download SD emergency smart phone application.
    San Diego Recovery
    Works to maximize disaster assistance to eligible public and private entities and residents through various state and federal disaster assistance programs

    American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties
    (858) 309-1200

    San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
    Community Emergency Response Team
    Trains community members to respond to emergencies
    Emergency Management Services
    Coordinates mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, search and rescue

    211 San Diego
    Works closely with the County of San Diego’s Office of Emergency Services to provide public information to the community and rumor control and trend analysis to County officials


Click here for a PDF version of CCUIH’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness Organizations