Red Women Rising: Community Photography Contribution

What is more important than creating new tools and resources for community members to use? Making sure that those new tools and resources are ones that the community feels comfortable using. As a part of our Red Women Rising initiative, we want to ensure that the website we are developing,, which will serve as a resource hub for Native survivors of domestic violence as well as an educational platform, is visually reflective of the community is intended to benefit. We believe that Native oriented resources require community participation to truly serve their purpose and fulfill their goals of truly benefiting community.

To help do this, we are asking for photo contributions from Native community members to help bring the website to life and enrich the experience of its future users!

Follow this link to the submission form for further information, to view submission guidelines, and to authorize us to use your imagery publicly. Thank you for trusting us and for your interest in our work. To see past Red women Rising materials, visit its project page.

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