Featured Intern: Sarah Biscarra-Dilley

CCUIH currently works with six outstanding interns on projects ranging from legislative tracking to art & design. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring each of our interns on our website. This week we feature Sarah Biscarra-Dilley. Sarah has been working with CCUIH since late 2013, as our Design Intern. Her tremendous contributions to CCUIH’s website remodel and our Native Communities of Care project have been integral in developing CCUIH’s new aesthetic and model for community-driven media. Sarah now works on CCUIH’s Red Women Rising Project. The Red Women Rising Project, funded by The Blue Shield of California Foundation, supports culturally responsive domestic violence services for Urban Indians by increasing public awareness and enhancing collaborations between Urban Indian Health Organizations, Domestic Violence Support providers and Traditional Healers. In her support of the RWR project, Sarah assists CCUIH in our community-driven media work through Digital Storytelling Workshops, Talking Circles, and media creation.

Read her artist bio below:

SARAH BISCARRA-DILLEY (Chumash) is a multi-disciplinary artist, basket weaver and novice. Her work explores the spaces between the worlds; between blood sickness and blood lines, between grief and joy, between body and land, between the spatial and the temporal, between personal authority and collective responsibility. She is anchored in the intention and practices of Indigenous decolonization: through cartographic upheaval, through contradiction, through conjuring, through complexity, through communion.

Sarah’s work has been exhibited throughout the US and Canada. In 2011, her work was showcased by former Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) curator Ryan Rice at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association’s (NAISA) annual meeting, she co-presented the Sexuality Studies Association’s keynote lecture at First People’s House, part of the 2013 Congress of Humanities in Victoria, B.C., and will be contributing to a roundtable discussion on the gifts and limits of the term Two Spirit at NAISA 2015 in Washington D.C. When not scheming alongside her artistic collaborators in Black Salt Collective, she is finishing her BA in Urban Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute